Tuesday Morning Coffee: 1/19/21

Helloooooooo friends!

It’s been a while. We are still in the midst of this PCS so I figured it was time for an update over a virtual cup of coffee!

For those who don’t know, we are moving from Fort Hood in Texas, to Fort Lewis/JBLM in Washington. I’m from central Washington and my family is still here so I am super excited to be making the move.

That said it’s been a long dang process. This picture sums it up pretty well.

To start with, my husband’s unit/company/whatever submitted all the PCS and Christmas leave through the wrong system…but didn’t realize it so they were just blaming the people waiting for their leave to be approved for not submitting it earlier. Despite not letting them submit it earlier but that’s a whole other story. Turns out S1 never got the leave packets and by the time it was all sorted out, Charlie’s leave didn’t get approved until the day before it started. Which means he didn’t get to start clearing Fort Hood until the day before his leave started. Oh and then he couldn’t get half the stamps and signature he needed because apparently they let whole offices go on block leave at the same time. I’ve never had a job where that was allowed, someone always had to be around to make sure work could get done…but I guess that’s the army for ya 🤷🏻‍♀️

Anyways. We had scheduled our moving truck to be dropped off on the 18th and picked up on the 23rd.

With a whole lot of help from amazing friends we managed to get everything loaded and signed out of our house on December 24th. Yup. Christmas Eve. Oh and Charlie still hadn’t been able to clear.

Very very fortunately we were able to go up and stay with his family for Christmas and through New Years. Because of course the people he needed weren’t going to be back until January 4th.

It was a mess but I am just so glad we didn’t have to stay in a hotel with two kids, a dog and a cat for all that time!

On the 4th, everyone was back and Charlie was able to clear pretty quickly. We said goodbye to a few friends then got situated to take off the next day.

Tuesday the 5th we got on the road not so bright and early. The kids slept in a bit so we didn’t actually start driving until 9 am.

Because we were making the drive in the winter, we decided to go the longer route over and up through California rather than going through Colorado and Utah. It added a day, but got us out of any driving in bad weather.

The first day we made it to Albuquerque. On Wednesday morning the kids were up early because of the time change, so we were on the road by 7. On day two we made it to Barstow, CA.

Day three we started early again and made it to Redding, CA. We had considered driving all night because the forecast was calling for snow on the rest of our drive starting around 2 am. If we had kept driving we would have missed any winter weather. But Oliver and Eloise were totally done with being in their car seats so we finally decided to stop.

Day four, Friday, we woke up and it had snowed a bunch on the route we were going to take, but by some miracle the mountain passes in Washington were bare and wet…rather than the sheet of ice in Oregon where chains were required. So we, again, took the longer route and headed up I5 then cut off along the Columbia River and up into Washington, over Satus Pass (which thankfully remained totally bare) and finally to Yakima by 8 pm.

It was a miracle but we made the whole trip without driving on any ice 🙌

My mom surprised us and left up all her Christmas decorations so we could do Christmas when we got here. So the night we arrived we ate dinner and opened presents and had the best time.

Literally the best feeling of a PCS is when you get the drive done I think 😅 Ask me again when I’m unloading our moving truck though haha

Now we are waiting. Waiting for Charlie’s report date. Waiting for a house. Just waiting.

We have opted to live in on post housing for now. And JBLM can have one heck of a wait. Our stuff is all stored in the moving trailer which is a more expensive option but also keeps us from having to move it to a storage unit then move it again to a house so it’s an expense we are willing to pay at this point.

Charlie reports this week so the plan at the moment is for him to use up his 10 days of TLE staying in hotels while I stay with my mom. Then we will see what happens. I am praying to be in a house by early February but it could easily be longer than that. So all I can really do at the moment is hope and pray.

Annnnnnd that’s a pretty long post and a whole lot of words, but it’s definitely been one heck of an adventure so far!

How have you been lately?

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