Tuesday Morning Coffee: 5/19/20

Good morning friends! How are we holding up?

I’ve been a little behind posting these Tuesday morning chats…because honestly life has been a whole lot overwhelming but also not very exciting all at once.

But my guess is that most people are feeling that way lately. So if you’ve been stuck in a rut, I hope you’ll grab a cup of coffee, keep reading, then let me know in the comments what’s up in your world lately!

  • We are getting closer to the end of deployment. Ish. Hopefully. We have a window and honestly getting even tentative dates boosted my mood a ton. Of course it also means I have to work through allll of the logistics of getting back to Texas and getting settled. All in all it’s a little overwhelming. But a happy overwhelming.
  • Now that we have tentative information I’m just waiting for things to change again. In addition to figuring out the logistics being overwhelming, I’m also hesitant to even do anything because it’s the army and there will probably be some kind of plot twist.
  • I’m sad to be moving. Being home has been really nice. Oliver has loved our fun and adventures. I’m also disappointed because I wasn’t able to do a lot of the things we had planned because of the coronavirus thing. Obviously life goes on, but there were a lot of things I’ve been excited for that just can’t happen now.
  • I’ve also been struggling with what to do for Charlie’s paternity leave. He obviously missed Eloise being born and when he gets back he’ll have quarantine and regular leave. So we had been planning to use his paternity leave to go to Disney World. And, in a way, it made him missing so much feel a little more “worth it.” Now I don’t know what we’re going to do. If there are no parades or characters, it won’t be a very fun trip for Oliver. We also have to see what happens with how far the military will allow travel during leave. So instead of having a fun thing to look forward to, it’s more question marks.
  • Thanks to some military spouse friends, I found out my Instagram post for Military Spouse Appreciation Day went viral on Facebook! The downside is that nobody credited me for it and I forgot to watermark it. Oops 🤦🏻‍♀️ Lesson learned for the future and I’m still pretty impressed with how much it was shared!
  • Last but not least, I’ve been working on a few sewing projects that I am so so so excited to share!! So I’m going to finish up my cup of coffee and get to sewing!

I’d love to hear from you! What have you been up to lately?

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