The Importance of a Future Dream

Military life means that a lot of things are out of your control. The biggest thing is that where you move, and how often, is ultimately up to somebody else. Somebody who really doesn’t care what you think.

Sounds a lot like life right now during the COVID-19 lockdown too right?

Just like people are taking to Facebook to share their plans for when the global pandemic is over, a “future dream” can be essential to keeping your spirit up when you’re struggling with military life!

What are you going to do when it’s finally your choice?

Not only is it a happy thing to think about, but it’s a way to remind yourself that the tough times aren’t permanent.

Sure you may not like where you’re living, or your spouse’s schedule, or literally anything about your current situation. But at the end of the day, it’s temporary.

When I get run down and stuck in a rut of not loving (or really even liking) my routine, I let myself daydream a little more about what the future will hold.

It’s something fun for my husband and I to talk about too. Let’s be honest. I spend the day home with kids and he spends the day doing Army things. Not always the most riveting life updates to give each other at dinner right? But we can always talk for hours about what we are going to do when he retires. And it’s really fun to imagine that shared future dream together.

Here’s my future dream

Someday I want to have a homestead. A good chunk of land, a big ol’ garden and all kinds of animals. Especially llamas. Because they’re the coolest ever.

We’ve talked about building a wedding venue

My husband wants to stock the freezers with fish and deer…and elk if we retire to Washington!

I want honey bees and chickens.

We want a house with room for our kids to come home to. We want to be the awesome grandparents that are always able to keep the grandkids while our kids work or go out for a date night.

So yeah. We may not know where we will be in ten years…but you can bet we’ve spent a lot of time dreaming up where we will be when my husband retires!

Sometimes it can feel really far away, but working towards that dream really brings us together and provides invaluable perspective to help us through the tough times!

Do you have a “future dream” for after the military? If not I highly suggest thinking about it…and if you do already I would love if you shared it with me in the comments!

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