Tuesday Morning Coffee: 3/17/20

Gooooooood morning!

If you’ve been around here a while, you may remember that I used to do a post that was basically a virtual coffee date on Tuesday mornings. It was my take on something my gramma has been doing for years. Of course her version is in person rather than digital, but at the moment a little virtual coffee date is just what we need!

So I hope you’ll join me. Grab your preferred morning beverage and a snack and be sure to leave a comment! I would love to hear from you!

– Oliver has slept all night in his own bed for two nights in a row 🙌 Yes. He’s 2.5. And yes this is still a battle we fight pretty much every single day. It’s less than awesome.

– I’m really glad I moved home while my husband is gone. If I’m being honest, I had my doubts. Primarily because the logistics of getting back to Texas are a lot overwhelming. But now with the whole world apparently falling apart, I’m really glad to be with family!

– Did you know you can take your kids on Disney World rides virtually right now? The Cincinnati Zoo is also doing daily Facebook lives with different animals.

– Even though the world is a crazy place right now, the way people are coming together heals my heart a bit. And after seeing people lose their ever loving minds over non perishables and toilet paper this heart of mine needs a whole lot of healing y’all.

– I just want to remind you to check in on your solo parenting friends while we are all self-isolating/social distancing. Being the only adult home with kids and not being able to leave the house is really freaking hard. I’ve only had to do it for short periods when Oliver was sick, but that was enough to go almost crazy. So just say hi to your friends who don’t have any other adults in the house. A virtual hug and a listening ear go a long way.

– First world problems, but Oliver’s hair needs an intervention. And they just closed all hair salons. So I might be ordering a pair of clippers and hoping for the best.

– What are you planning to do during the next couple weeks? If you, like me, are staying home, it’s a great time to do all the things you’ve been putting off while you were too busy going out and doing things. I’ve got a whole list of sewing and knitting projects to tackle! And we might make bread from scratch!

In future weeks I’m thinking about doing this as an IG live so we can actually “chat.” Would you join? Leave me tour feedback and tell me a little about what you’ve been up to lately in the comments!

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