What the heck is “mom style” anyways?

I love sharing what I’m wearing on Instagram. And I’ve been using #momstyle on a lot of pictures…but I just recently started to wonder what exactly counts as “mom style.”

The thing is, I think it means something different to everyone…and that’s what makes it fun!

That said, I’m working to share more outfits and try-ons, so I figured I should start out by sharing what mom style means for me!

Put together-but not fussy

I want pieces that look like I made an effort…but don’t actually require much effort. Options I can pull on quickly without looking like a hobo.

True to you

Just because you are a mom doesn’t mean you have to forfeit your personal style to fit some kind of “mom” mold. I feel like there can be that type of expectation but I say it’s stupid.

That said, I personally prefer a more classic style that is a more “typical” mom style. I love me a good cardigan and bottom front blouse and I’m not ashamed 


I have a very (very very) active two and a half year old to chase and a newborn to carry around so I need clothes that don’t get in the way.

I still wear heels. And all the other things I used to wear before I was a mom. But I make comfort more of a priority as well.

Decent coverage

Now I’m not talking turtle necks and maxi skirts…but I also want to be able to play with my kids without flashing everyone or having my shorts creeping wayyy up. Or skirts/dresses I can’t bend over in.

This was also something I was conscious of before I was a mom, so it hasn’t changed too much. I just need a little more range of motion these days!

Machine Washable

I don’t have time or energy to hand wash things. And I seem to get some sort of bodily fluid on me on a daily basis. So my clothes get washed a lot. And the washing machine is the only way to go.

I do occasionally buy hand wash items if they look like they can hold up to the delicate cycle in the washing machine.


I’m a stay at home mom. I’m not buying out Nordstrom on a daily basis. Or ever of we are being honest. I do like a few investment pieces, but I mostly shop on a budget.

Nursing Friendly

Right now, my clothes need access for breastfeeding. I usually wear a lot of dresses which are, unfortunately, not easy to wear when nursing. (Much to my dismay!)

We have yet to try Eloise on a bottle, so at this point she’s always with me and I always need to be able to feed her…preferably without taking my clothes off entirely!

I think that about sums it up! If my mom style sounds a little like your mom style, be sure to follow along here and on Instagram!