2020 Vision

Ok I’m sorry for the title. It’s the first and last time I’ll use that joke. Probably.

Anyways. Yesterday I shared a little recap of 2019, so today I want to share a little about my goals and plans for 2020.

It’s going to be a crazy year

So it starts off with baby month being officially here. Some time in the next 30 days Eloise will be making her big debut.

Charlie will be coming home from deployment/rotation eventually. This also means going back to TX. With a dog, cat, and two kiddos. I’m already anxious y’all.

Around when he gets back, Charlie’s reenlistment window will be open so that means new orders and another move to…somewhere.

So what are my goals?

I’ll be honest. This is a huge change for me. I am usually a “I can do it all” kind of girl. I’m fairly competitive by nature so I tend to see all this big crazy life stuff as a challenge that I need to defeat…which usually looks like chasing all the things I think I want to do and proving I can do them despite life trying to kick me down.

But y’all I’ve been trying that approach and honestly I’m exhausted.

So this year I’m stepping back. I’m not making aggressive goals and chasing them.

This year my priorities are balance and consistency.

I’m still going to be blogging. And sharing all the things on Instagram. But I’m going to give myself permission to not be perfect. Permission to take time to be a mom and not “work my hustle” until it isn’t fun anymore. And somewhere in the process I hope I can find something that is sustainable for me. So rather than writing posts hurriedly the night before I want them to go live (ahem. What I’m doing right now), I can figure out what works best for me and my general sanity.

Confession. I do plan on adding some video content in the near ish future. Probably in the form of YouTube videos. I wanted to push to get a first video posted today…then I realized I would be totally ignoring my other goals to try to do that.

Long story short: in 2020 I’ll be looking for the right balance for me. Between blogging and actually living. And when I find where that balances is, I’m going to make consistency my top priority

And there you have it. Not my most exciting goals ever, but it’s what I need this year. There are a lot of big things coming up and I’m looking forward to being more present for all of it!

What are your goals or intentions for 2020?

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