Belly Only Pregnancy: the number one secret nobody talks about

I just had my second baby and I think I can safely claim that it was a “belly only” pregnancy. It’s a popular thing to share advice on, but I can tell you that there is one secret to a belly only pregnancy all the gurus aren’t sharing. Ready?


Yup. That’s the secret.

Want one more big revelation?

It’s the same big secret to “bouncing back” postpartum.

I know this isn’t helpful if you are looking for advice to keep your body looking a certain way during and after pregnancy. But I am so so sick of people preying on pregnant and postpartum women telling them that if they just tried a little harder they could have these results.

I’ve met people who don’t work out or diet at all…and they look way better pregnant and postpartum than me.

I’ve met people who do wayyyyy more exercise than me and eat better than I do who gain more weight and take longer to “bounce back.”

It’s not a competition. And there isn’t always logic to it. Genetics play a huge role.

So yes. Eat healthy foods because your body needs them to grow your baby. Exercise to stay healthy. But never ever feel guilty for having or not having a “belly only” pregnancy. Never feel pressured to “bounce back” on any kind of timeline.

Your body is doing something really amazing and you deserve so much grace in this time (and always).

The number one secret to a belly only pregnancy...that nobody is talking about #bellyonlypregnancy

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  1. Narelle Thorpe says: Reply

    I love this, it’s so true. Everyone’s body reacts differently!

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