A Cute and Simple Farm Themed Second Birthday Party

Oliver is obsessed with cows, so a farm themed second birthday was the obvious choice! Now I’m no “Pinterest mom” and I didn’t have a whole lot of time to prepare…but that’s pretty much mom life in general so I figured I would share what we did because I bet more than a couple people can relate!

Farm Birthday Party Decorations

All the decorations I used, with the exception of the tablecloth and few things from around my mom’s house, came from Party City. This isn’t a sponsored post, they just had an awesome selection and made it super easy. Also, if you are a military spouse they do offer a discount!

I kept it simple with plates, cups, napkins, and the pack of centerpieces. The centerpiece table decorations were bigger than I expected which was a pleasant surprise.

The cow shaped plates might have been my favorite part 😍

The table cloth is from Hobby Lobby and they are my secret weapon! They are actually 99 cents and much thicker than the ones you get at the dollar store.

We jazzed it up a little with a wooden crate and some red placemats and a handkerchief my mom had at home.


I wanted to go all out and do the cute food tags with witty sayings…but I just didn’t have that kind of time.

The cake (aka the most important part!) was from Costco and totally delicious. The decor options are a little limited, but you can get a giant cake that tastes amazing for under $20.

My mom helped me put together a meat and cheese tray with ham, turkey, salami, cheddar, provolone, and Colby jack. We also had a cracker tray. At the last minute I also decided we needed to make warm spinach artichoke dip because it was really dang cold outside!

The very best part, however, was the punch. Mom and I were going through our options when she mentioned a mocha punch my grandma made last Christmas.

I knew exactly what to do with a brown punch…

Are they not the cutest? Not only was the punch delicious, but it made the perfect barnyard piggy mud puddle! I did also get juice boxes for the kiddos, but the adults all loved the punch.

So it may not be the fanciest birthday party in the world, but we had a lot of fun. It was also cute enough to make me happy while also being easy enough to not cause a whole lot of extra stress. And that’s a perfect combination!

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