The Crockpots and Casseroles Link Up

Crockpots and casseroles are petty much essential in my house…and I don’t think I am alone! In fact, I know I’m not because my friend Darrian from Made in Mom Jeans is hosting this link up with me!

Crockpots and Casseroles Blog Link Up

What is it?

The Crockpots and Casseroles Link Up will take place on the third Wednesday of each month (so we will be kicking it off on the 18th of September). Darrian and I will each be sharing a crockpot or casserole recipe..and we want you to join us! Check out our post then there will be a spot to drop a link to a post you have written sharing one of your favorite recipes. Easy peasy. Not a blogger but still want to join in on the fun? Use #CrockpotsAndCasseroles on Instagram and be sure to tag @darrianmchamb and @ginghamandlattes and we will share our favorites!

Why Crockpots and Casseroles?

It all started with a joke that all moms (and military spouses) should have a crockpot and a 9×13 pan in their kitchen…because those are the only recipes I seem to have time for these days. Fun fact, I used to bake bread from scratch all the time for fun. Now I feel gourmet if I actually make a meal that has more than 3 ingredients.

All joking aside though, mom life gets busy and hectic. But your family still needs to eat. The internet is already full of recipes, but so many of them have more steps than I can even comprehend following on an average Tuesday. So this is a place for realistic recipes. We may never get a show in Food Network, but we know what it’s like to be a busy mom just trying to get dinner on the table.

And that’s how Crockpots and Casseroles was born. I hope you will come back to join us on September 18th and the third Wednesday of each month after that!

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