First Trimester Must Haves

The first trimester of pregnancy is super rough...these are my must haves to make the three months a little more manageable! #pregnancy #musthaves #firsttrimester #firsttrimestermusthaves

The first trimester of pregnancy is a doozie. All of a sudden you are dealing with allllll the emotions (which seem to happen all at once) plus “fun” physical effects. And by fun I mean pretty much the worst.

So what can you do to get through the first trimester with a little less struggle? I have a few suggestions for must haves that I think will help!

First Trimester Must Haves:

A water bottle

I don’t leave home without my Tervis bottle. It can go in my purse without leaking or condensation getting my belongings soggy.

Funny story: I actually went a little crazy over finding the just right water bottle when I was about 5 weeks pregnant. I just knew I had to get one and it was pretty much an emergency in my mind. Target had a ton of options and I probably spent half an hour inspecting them all. Then I found my way to Bed Bath and Beyond where I picked out the Tervis bottle I carry around. It’s a real love story…or enough to get me committed to the looney bin. I’ll let you decide which.

Pre-natal vitamins you can actually tolerate

There is nothing wrong with plain ol’ prenatal vitamin pills. People have personal preferences about ingredients and all that. I just couldn’t deal with the pills after a while. They are big and my stomach was mad anyways. If you started a prenatal before you got pregnant and it is still working for you, roll with it.

I opted to switch to prenatal gummy vitamins. They are easier to take, taste better, and I actually take them every day. With pills I was pretty hit or miss. The Up & Up Target generics are pretty good. You only have to take two and you are all set. I also have the Smarty Pants Prenatal Gummies which I ordered because there was an awesome deal on Amazon Prime Day. They do taste better, but you have to take six. The Smarty Pants gummies are also more expensive and the daily values of vitamins is pretty much identical in both brands. The big advantage, to me is that the Smarty Pants vitamins have Vitamin C and the Target ones do not.

Obviously if there are specific ingredients you want to get/avoid that will also narrow down your search. The important thing is that you find one you like (or can at least tolerate) and take it!

Hard candies and purse snacks

Nausea is a big part of the first trimester for a lot of women. While I did not experience it with my first pregnancy, it wiped me out this time around.

One of the most important things, I have found, is to always keep snacks and hard candies on hand. I personally liked something a little sour to suck on to help the nausea. That said, I also went through a lot of Jolly Ranchers and Life Savers. My advice: take your queasy self to the candy aisle and look at the different options until you find something that doesn’t make your stomach churn. Or at least that’s what I did.

Another big part of pregnancy is sudden hunger. Like zero to Hulk smash hangry in no time at all. And in the first trimester hunger also causes nausea. Then you are just in a world of hurt. So I like to keep Clif Bars in my purse. They are easy to whip out at any time and and dense enough to take the edge off the hunger. Crackers and fruit snacks have also been good options.

Moral of the story: I don’t leave my house without food.

A notebook (or a note on your phone)

Pregnancy brain is real. And if you are anything like me you forget anything and everything you were going to ask the doctor anyways. SO I keep a little notebook in my purse to write down all the things I mean to ask my doctor at my next appointment. Obviously if something is urgent, call in with the question. For me it is more along the lines of “can I use spray tan?” or “what can I do for my hip pain?”

If you don’t like to keep track of a notebook and pen, the Notes app on your phone is also a great option.

This is the same approach I use to asking questions when I have to take my son in for his appointments too. I know I will forget so I make a point of looking at my list while I am with the doctor so I can be sure I am getting the answers I need.

What were your first trimester must haves?

I would love to hear from you in the comments! Over time it gets a little easier and we find what helps us most…and those things are different for every person! But hopefully this list can help you get started in the right direction 🙂

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The first trimester of pregnancy is super rough...these are my must haves to make the three months a little more manageable! #pregnancy #musthaves #firsttrimester #firsttrimestermusthaves

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