The Best and Worst of Military Life

Military life comes with plenty of ups and downs. I'm sharing my favorite and least favorite parts of life as a military spouse. #militarylife #milspouse #armywife

Military life – we all have a love hate relationship with it right? I don’t think anyone would ever argue that it is all fun and games or just easy all the time. Even the super pro MilSpouse bloggers get frustrated sometimes. And that’s ok.

Getting frustrated with military life doesn’t make you a bad military spouse. I personally call them “bad Army days,” when I am just frustrated with all the things the Army seems to throw our way. The important thing is not staying in the funk and remembering that there really are a ton of great things about this military life as well.

So today I wanted to share may favorite thing about military life, and my least favorite thing. I am going to lead with the least favorite so we can end on a positive note 😉

My Least Favorite Thing About Military Life

For me, the worst thing about military life is feeling out of control. No matter how much prep and research you do, things change constantly.

The irony here is that I wrote this a few days in advance, but today I am in a funk because we just found out they are changing Charlie’s leave dates. He was told yesterday…and leave was supposed to start Saturday. So that pretty much sums it up my whole point!

I am a planner. Feeling prepared and in control of a situation allows me to feel comfortable and confident. So my husband coming back to active duty has been a challenge for me. We went to MEPS and got his orders with a report date…that was the same day. (For those new to our story, we were living near Waco, MEPS was in Dallas, and he got orders to Fort Hood.) And really that was just the beginning of me trying to be prepared then having the rug ripped out from underneath me.

And that sucks. It goes against my nature to just wait till the last minute and roll with it. To be entirely honest, I will probably spend the rest of Charlie’s military career trying to plan ahead and kicking and screaming when I don’t get to use my plans. Maybe that’s a character flaw. But I own it and I’ve made it this far.

My Favorite Thing About Military Life

Military life is an adventure – and I love that! I know you are thinking that it makes no sense because I just said I dislike feeling out of control. The thing is, I wish I could plan our adventures a little more in advance, but I am still so incredibly grateful we get to have adventures at all.

I lived in the same house until I was 18. That was my normal. But I moved across the country to go to college, and I have been on the move ever sense. As much as it is sold as the “American Dream” to buy a house and settle down somewhere – that isn’t the life I want just yet. By the time Charlie retires maybe my itchy feet will be ready to rest. Right now, however, I am so excited to move around. Every few years I am going to have the opportunity to meet new people, find a new favorite coffee shop/grocery store/local specialty food. Life will never be boring…and that is the biggest blessing I could possibly imagine.

Moving around and living somewhere new is something I enjoy thoroughly, but moving every few years is seen as weird, and it gets expensive fast! When your spouse is in the military it takes those two problems away. What could be better than that?

Since my husband was prior service, I had a pretty good idea of what I was getting into when we made the decision to come back to this lifestyle. And at the end of the day the good genuinely does outweigh the bad. Even if there are times where it doesn’t feel that way.

I would love to hear from you – what are your favorite and least favorite things about military life?

Military life comes with plenty of ups and downs.  I'm sharing my favorite and least favorite parts of life as a military spouse. #militarylife #milspouse #armywife

4 Replies to “The Best and Worst of Military Life”

  1. Oh yes, the planning!!! I’ve joked that I might as well light my calendar on fire with as often as plans changing 😉 Thanks for linking up with us!

    1. Thanks for hosting an awesome link up! I am so glad I found it 🙂
      Someday I am going to get to make plans on my own schedule and I am not going to know what to do with myself!

  2. Thanks so much for linking up! I feel you on soooo much of this. I always tell Ryan that by the time his 20 years is up, I may finally be ready to plant some roots and put my feet up. For now though, I’m enjoying the ride. I’m definitely with you on the supreme lack of follow-through on plans though haha one day it’s one thing, the next it’s another. For a type-A person, that’s definitely hard!

    1. Thanks for hosting a fun link up!
      When we finally retire and I can actually follow through on plans we make the first time I just might die of shock hahaha

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