Second Pregnancy: what I am doing differently

My first pregnancy was a whilrwind and a major learning experience, so I am going to be doing a few things differently my second pregnancy! #secondpregnancy #pregnancy

My first pregnancy was an eye opener. So now that I am a little more mentally prepared, there are a few things I will be doing differently this pregnancy.

Taking more pictures

When I was pregnant with Oliver I was self-conscious about the weight I was gaining. I didn’t want to draw attention to myself. Somewhere in the process of being so worried about how my body was changing, I forgot to take the time to celebrate the ways it was changing too.

The first bump pic from my first almost four months pregnant.  Something I will be changing my second pregnancy
This is the first bump picture I have…at almost four month pregnant with Oliver!

Now I look back and I wish I had those pictures to compare with where I am now. So I am making a point to take more bump pics this time around. We are actually also in the process of scheduling some family pictures for before Charlie leaves. These pictures will pull double duty as maternity pictures…which I didn’t do last time!

Not stressing so much about postpartum

Postpartum weight loss. That’s a topic in and of itself. I was terrified of what my body would do after I had Oliver. Now that I have been down that road before, I have a lot more confidence in my ability to get back to working out and doing the things I enjoy.

The BIG BIG BIG exception to this is that I am already freaking the heck out about postpartum hair loss. I lost so much hair last time and looked like I was balding. So I am trying to go in with the mindset that it will happen and there isn’t a lot I can do about it. It is a phase that will end and my hair will (someday) grow back.

Giving myself some grace

When I was pregnant with Oliver I wanted to prove to the world that I could keep doing all the things I had been doing without slowing down. I was determined to eat right, exercise, and work full time the whole time. Obviously something had to give, and that something was working out. And some of the healthy eating. Unfortunately when I was no longer able to work out as frequently as I was used to, I just stopped doing anything.

This time around I am giving myself some grace and some breathing room. It’s been a much rougher pregnancy in terms of nausea and fatigue, but I am still getting out and running or walking when I can. And I am pretty proud of that. That said, I am also flexible with my goals. I am not going to hit the goal 100% of the time. But something is better than nothing.

Taking notes

Much like wishing I had more pictures of my first pregnancy, I also wish I had written down what I was feeling. This pregnancy I am going to be making a point to make more regular blog posts about what is going on. Someday, down the road, I know I will like having that to go back to.

Overall: treasuring my second pregnancy

My first pregnancy felt like a mountain to climb and I was so caught up in the challenges that I forgot to slow down and make the memories. I can never go back and redo it, so I am making a point to do better this time. I want to appreciate this pregnancy. Celebrating the changes has become my priority. And putting joy before worry has been a huge blessing.

What do you wish you had done differently during your pregnancy? What did you do differently the second/third/etc time around?

My first pregnancy was a whilrwind and a major learning experience, so I am going to be doing a few things differently my second pregnancy! #secondpregnancy #pregnancy

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