Reality Check

Y’all…what is up with this weekend?! On a personal level I am pouting in a major way because my mom had to fly home today.  Also in a bit of awe because I am (hopefully) less than four weeks out from the arrival of this baby! Mind you the baby still does not have a name, but he has a ton of clothes, a crib, car seat and stroller so at least there is that much done.  Most people seem to say that pregnancy can drag on and on but I still cannot believe how quickly it seems to have gone.

Anyways, beyond the reality check of realizing that I will be seeing my baby’s face in less than a month I have to get on to the huge, crazy thing that is giving me some major perspective at the moment.

Hurricane Harvey.

Yes it is all over the news and maybe you live in Texas so you are watching the impact first hand.  I will admit that I knew it was bad.  I knew that there were thousands and thousands of people who would lose their homes, their businesses, their everything.  But it’s so hard to put all those big concepts and ideas into something real and tangible. Today I had that moment.

My husband is in the Texas National Guard and they were activated to head down and help with rescue/recovery efforts.  At first they were going to San Antonio, but they were sent on to Houston instead since the damage and need is so much worse.  I’ve only been getting a few updates here and there as he is able, but it just blows my mind because it makes the situation so much more relatable.  He is telling me that there are kids with no shoes and he literally gave away his only extra shirt to a kid that had no shirt at all.  So as I am sitting here with a refrigerator full of food and a closet full of clothes and gifts for our baby but still pouting about my mom’s visit coming to an end I can’t help but to feel humbled.

This isn’t me telling you (or myself) that you can’t be upset because someone has it worse.  That’s stupid and being upset about something is valid and part of being human.  But the whole situation has been a reminder to me that it is equally important to celebrate and appreciate the good things when they happen as well. Rather than being sad that my mom is gone, I am trying to focus on being grateful that she was able to visit and spend a whole week here…and that she will be back in just two short weeks.

Overall what I guess I am trying to say is that life flies along really fast.  It’s ok to get overwhelmed or sad or upset for any reason.  But remember the good stuff too and take the time to appreciate and celebrate the little things.

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