The First “Bumpdate”

Holyyyyyy cow yall! This not-so-little secret is out of the bag! I have been over the moon to share the news with everyone and I am so glad it’s finally time! We will be a family of four in January 2020!

Just in case you missed the instagram announcement, here is how we shared the news:

I’ve been keeping up with this in “real time” so I wouldn’t forget anything…because mom brain and pregnancy brain combined is intense. I literally remember nothing. Ever.

So. Here’s all the details from the time where I was keeping this belly under wraps!

Finding out I was pregnant

I woke up on Mother’s Day not feeling well. After laying in bed for a while hoping it would pass, I realized it was definitely not going to pass! So off I ran to the bathroom, got sick, and immediately took a pregnancy test. Because I don’t just throw up for no reason. There was the lightest line ever so I didn’t want to believe it just yet.

I also felt totally exhausted. Like run over by a truck a few times then hit by a train level exhausted. If you have ever been pregnant you know exactly what I mean.

The next day I got up and took another pregnancy test because I wanted to be really really sure before I told Charlie. Sure enough. There was the second line again. Still not very dark but definitely there!

Telling Charlie we were having a baby!

I was walking with a friend and brainstorming how to tell Charlie. Conveniently I had already told Charlie I would pick him up an iced coffee from Dunkin Donuts because he was having a rough day. Then I had an idea!

I tried to get a video of his reaction but I was limited in where I could hide my phone….so there isn’t much to see. But he was very excited!

First Trimester Symptoms

Nausea. So much nausea.
I was incredibly lucky with Oliver and only got sick once or twice and I don’t remember any persistent nausea.
Starting right around 6 weeks, the nausea became pretty much debilitating. I could not eat anything. When I tried I would just gag and get nowhere. I actually lost 5 lbs in a week which was not a good feeling, then my stomach was even more upset because it was empty. It was pretty much a train wreck.
At my intake appointment at 7 weeks my NP got me a prescription for B6, Unisom, and Zofran. I started with the B6 and Unisom and some days that was enough, but other days the Zofran was the only thing keeping me functioning.
By about 10 weeks I was feeling significantly better. Since then, I really only get bad nausea in the evenings. Taking half a Unisom usually takes care of that and I am able to sleep. In the morning I eat a lot of food and that keeps me feeling ok. It’s not foolproof and I have gotten sick a few times even since figuring out a routine that works, but it is a lot better than it was a few weeks ago.

I feel like this symptom is pretty universal right? As I get closer to the second trimester it is definitely getting better, but there were a few weeks where I didn’t make it off the couch for most of the day. Thank goodness Oliver is finally interested in watching TV every now and then…because that has been a total lifesaver.

At this point the baby is way too small to actually be “showing,” but my belly has gotten bigger a lot faster this time around. When I was pregnant with Oliver, I didn’t really look much different until maybe 16 weeks or so. Now I feel like I have already hit the “is it a baby or too many tacos?” stage super early. I really don’t mind, but it has been crazy to have such a different experience.


So I have actually had two ultrasounds already which is super cool. The first was my dating scan at 8 weeks. Then the NP I saw at 10 weeks did another quick ultrasound during my appointment! I was not expecting it at all but it was a very welcome surprise. It’s so crazy to see how much changes in two weeks. (left is 8, right is 10)

We already have the anatomy scan scheduled for the end of August and I cannot wait to see our baby again!

Random Other Stuff

  • We do plan to find out the gender of the baby and we will be sharing.
  • Assuming we come up with a name sooner rather than later, we will be sharing that as well.
  • Charlie will most likely be deployed when the baby is born…womp womp
  • Thursdays are going to be the designated baby day around here. I am planning on monthly updates and other fun/hopefully helpful posts mixed in.

I think this sums it up! Now that the new is out, I can’t wait to share this adventure with you. If you have questions or suggestions for things you want to see more about on here, please feel free to comment or send me an email!

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