Five Reasons to Appreciate Military Spouses

Happy Military Spouse Appreciation Day! Not sure what all the fuss is about? Check out these reasons military spouses are pretty great! #militaryspouse #milso #milspouse #militaryspouseappreciationday

Happy Military Spouse Appreciation Day! If you are a military spouse – you are freaking awesome. Today and every day. If you know a military spouse – tell them how amazing they are. Today and every day!

Now. In case you are one of those people out there wondering why exactly I think we should be celebrating military spouses. I have some news for you. There are so so so many things that make military spouses worth appreciating.

Happy Military Spouse Appreciation Day! Not sure what all the fuss is about? Check out these reasons military spouses are pretty great! #militaryspouse #milso #milspouse #militaryspouseappreciationday

Military Spouses have their own version of “normal”

Not seeing your spouse for almost a year? Normal
Going weeks at a time without being able to contact your spouse? Normal
Having a baby while your husband is on the other side of the world? Yup. Normal.

They’ve probably given up personal goals and dreams to follow their spouse

Military spouses don’t get much (if any) say in where they live and they will probably move frequently. This makes it incredibly difficult for a military spouse to pursue their own career goals. It’s not impossible, and there are spouses out there that do incredible things. But they are working against a lot of factors their civilian counterparts do not contend with.

A Military Spouse is resilient

In addition to career challenges, military spouses face a lot of personal hurdles. Frequent moves usually mean they are living far away from family and the friends they grew up with. It also means they have to start all over every two to three years building a new support network in their new location. Making friends as an adult is hard enough once. Having to do it every time you move is daunting (but totally worth it!)
Not many civilian families know what it is like to start over in a new town/state/country every two to three years but military spouses make the most of it.

They know how to move

Back to that moving every two to three years thing. Military spouses should be appreciated as master movers. They know how to purge like pros and they know how to watch movers pack up all their worldly possessions to (hopefully) get those belongings to their next home. They know how to live without those possessions for a while. Sometimes for a really really long while. Some know what it is like to never see a bunch of those items ever again. (And sometimes they get really lucky and lost items are returned to them through the power of the internet.)

When they finally get all their stuff, they know how to unpack efficiently and how to arrange things into a totally different floor plan. Maybe a different number of bedrooms. Maybe a whole lot more/less square footage. The only thing consistent is that things change.

The biggest reason to appreciate a military spouse? They don’t ask you to

Sure we can get into the “dependa” nonsense but that is a post for another day. And I promise it’s a post I’ll be sharing soon.
But for the most part, the average military spouse is just a normal person trying their best to roll with the punches and jabs. And the military knows how to throw some hefty punches and jabs. Military spouses aren’t superheroes. They don’t receive any trining…and often they receive little to no communication in general. But they do it. They love their spouse and their family enough to make the most of the military life. And in general they don’t ask for, or receive, a whole lot of recognition or appreciation for it.

At the end of the day, military spouses are just normal people with a whole lot of extra stuff on their plates….and they get freaking good at handling all that extra stuff!

So remember to appreciate military spouses and all they do…today and the rest of the year as well!

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Happy Military Spouse Appreciation Day! Not sure what all the fuss is about? Check out these reasons military spouses are pretty great! #militaryspouse #milso #milspouse #militaryspouseappreciationday

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