My Second Month Blogging: February 2019 Stats

February Blogging Stats and Income Report -

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Yallllll…February kicked my butt. It started with Charlie being in the field longer than I expected, then Oliver had an ear infection and pink. By the time things got back to “normal” I was so out of whack I never fully got my flow back.

But that’s ok. A bad month can (and will) come to an end. So right now I am just looking forward to March. That said, I will still be sharing my February stats because I think it will be valuable for me to look at later. And hopefully it’s valuable to you if you are reading this and in the process of starting a blog. Let me make some mistakes for you!


Pageviews: 187
This is down significantly from last month. I also only published four new posts so I can’t entirely complain.

The primary traffic referral to my blog were Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram in that order. I thought this was very interesting because it shows that my pins are paying off and starting to gain some traction and keep people coming to my content.

Behind the Scenes

I am still with SiteGround for hosting and I really appreciate their customer service. Luckily I didn’t add technical glitches to my list of woes in February, but when I have had problems in the past the folks over at Siteground have been amazing at getting me squared away. If you are new thinking about starting a blog, I highly recommend getting set up with SiteGround

This month I am ashamed to admit that I let my Tailwind account lapse….and boy did I ever learn my lesson! Tailwind was a huge factor in the success I saw my first month blogging and I will definitely be renewing my account. In January I went from 3,000 to over 20,000 monthly views. This month I held steady for a little while then dropped back to about 14,000 monthly views.

This month I also got accepted to the ShareASale program which I am so excited about. I am now able to add affiliate links for a couple merchants! Notice that affiliate link disclosure at the top of this post? I feel pretty cool haha.

Monthly Income

Nope. Not a dime. The ShareASale acceptance was pretty recent and I just started looking into merchants to work with. I am not going to start spamming y’all with links to things we all know I would never buy…so I am being a little picky during the process!

Like I said last month, at this point I am just building up my content. This is my fun, happy place that I love because it is a creative outlet for me. That means not pressuring myself to create an income so I am happy to go at my own pace 🙂

March Goals and Changes:

First things first, I am going back to using Tailwind! I knew last month already that it was an important traffic source (via Pinterest) but this month really proved what I already knew.

In March I am also re-focusing on making time for myself to work in this space. It is hard because I constantly feel like there are so many demands on my time. But if you read my post the other day about self-care then you know that I am going to be incorporating a little more me time to do the things I love back into my day. That means more time writing things for this blog. More pictures. More fun. All of it!

With that said, my biggest challenge for myself in March will be to post consistently, three times a week then to put the effort into sharing those posts. Consistency is going to be the name of the game. I truly believe that everything else will follow.

I am going to repurpose my goals from February for March. I would like to hit at least 500 page views. I had previously made a goal to hit 1000 page views in a month by my third month blogging. While I still think that would be awesome….I am giving myself a little grace since February went so far off track!

I am excited to be working with ShareASale so hopefully I will see some progress in that area in the coming month. Google AdSense continues to be a struggle so I also hope to get that up and running before too long.

That wraps up my February stats! Now I want to hear from you! How was your month? What struggles did you face? What wins did you get?

February Blogging Stats and Income Report -

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