My First Month Blogging: January 2019 stats

Have you ever looked for blogging advice on Pinterest and seen all those income reports? The stats are fun to look at, but can seem really intimidating for a new or aspiring blogger. In the future I plan to monetize this blog. (Don’t worry, I’ll always do it in a way that fits the actual purpose of this blog. You won’t see me hawking every little thing I can get my hands on). For now I am planning on writing monthly recaps of my blogging efforts every month for my own record and to share a realistic picture of the journey!


Pageviews: 347
– My goal for the month was at least 100 views, which I git way faster than anticipated! My stretch goal was 500 views which I obviously did not hit. I am setting that as my goal for next month
– The primary referral sources for my blog were Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram in that order.

Behind the scenes:

I am using and loving Tailwind for Pinterest! (if you use my link you get a $15 credit and I do too). This has been a huge factor in my Pinterest traffic. I went from a little over 3,000 average monthly views to a little over 20,000 average monthly views in the past month. That is massive growth!

For hosting I use SiteGround. The customer service is fantastic and I am a big fan. I don’t have any plans to change my hosting. (Full disclosure: If you are looking for hosting and want to use my link, I do get two months of free hosting.)

I applied for AdSense but was not approved, so that is something I am still trying to figure out. Hopefully that will get worked out soon!


Not a dime ūüôā

I didn’t anticipate making money my first month blogging so this is not a surprise. At this point I am still working on building my content! I am in this primarily for a creative out let and to share my experiences. It is a fun side project for me, not a job. I would be tickled if it did bring in some money in the future, but I am content with where I am!

February Goals and Changes:

My goal for February is to get even more consistent with posting at least three times per week. I am also going to be sending out my very first newsletter! Numbers-wise I am hoping to hit 500 page views with 700 being my stretch goal. Ideally I would like hit 1000 page views by month three! (aka March) So we will see how that goes.

I will be continuing with Tailwind in February because I do notice a big impact.

Recently I also applied to the ShareASale program so I will be able to provide affiliate links to products I recommend. As with all other programs, there is no cost to the person making the purchase, I just get a little commission off the sale. So really it’s a win-win right?

In the future I am planning to join the Amazon affiliate network as well. So I am evaluating that fit as I go along.

Last but not least, I am going to take a closer look at Google AdSense to see if I can get it up and running on here. Ultimately my goal is to use MediaVine, but that requires a much higher page view volume than I currently have!


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