Love Letters Mailbox – a Valentine’s Day DIY for all ages!

Love Letter Mailbox - A Valentine's Day DIY for all ages #diy #craft #kidscrafts #ValentinesDayCraft
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Somehow we are already at the end of January…and that means Valentine’s Day is just around the corner!

My husband and I don’t do much to celebrate Valentine’s Day, but I do love to decorate. And since I try to decorate on a budget, a craft is always a good idea! With the price of this project, it’s easy to let your kids have a turn too!

I picked up all the supplies for this project at Hobby Lobby for about $10! As you will see below, the price for the mailbox is pretty low, so this is a Valentine’s Day craft that is affordable to share with the whole family.


Love Letters Mailbox - a Valentine's Day DIY for all ages! #DIY #crafts #kidscrafts #ValentinesDayCrafts

Paper mâché mailbox – $3.99 (it was 30% off when I got mine)

Paint – $.79 (also 30% off if I remember right)

Paintbrushes – $1.99 (and I used the 40% off coupon)

Ribbon (if you go to the scrapbooking section near the washi tape they have small rolls of ribbon trim for 99 cents! Score!)

Love Letters Mailbox - a Valentine's Day DIY for all ages! #DIY #crafts #kidscrafts #ValentinesDayCrafts

Glue – ok this I didn’t get at Hobby Lobby. I had it already. I used super glue but I think just about anything could work


Felt hearts – $2.99 for a giant pack (and 40% off!)

How To:

  • Pro tip – the flag comes off! If you remove the little piece of paper on the inside there is a brad underneath that you can fold and take out. This makes painting the flag, and the mailbox, easier without making a huge mess.
  • I had the best luck painting the inside first, then the main body outside, then the front and back.
  • My recommendation is to do all the painting before adding the ribbon trim.
  • Because I knew I was going to be adding the ribbon to the edges, I didn’t tape off the mailbox parts when I painted different colors. It looked messy until the ribbon went on, but now you would never know! If you are trying to make this project as a decoration or photo prop I would highly recommend this approach! Especially if you are lazy like me and want to get done quickly without the inconvenience of taping and painting carefully haha!
Love Letters Mailbox - a Valentine's Day DIY for all ages! #DIY #crafts #kidscrafts #ValentinesDayCrafts
  • To add the ribbon, I applied glue to the edge about three inches at a time then lined up the ribbon with the very edge to keep it as straight as possible. Then I just repeated until I got the the end.
  • I did not cut the ribbon ahead of time because mom brain isa. real thing around here and it was easier to just cut it when I had already glued it in place so I could be sure it was long enough!
  • To avoid edges sticking out or unraveling, I kept the ribbon about half an inch longer than necessary on both end then glued it to the bottom of the mailbox on the back half and to the inside of the lip on the door.
  • Last but not least, glue a felt heart to the flag and you are done!
  • Enjoy! Use your new love letter mailbox as a fun Valentine’s Day decoration, or as a prop for a Valentine’s Day themed photoshoot!
Love Letters Mailbox - a Valentine's Day DIY for all ages! #DIY #crafts #kidscrafts #ValentinesDayCrafts

Adapting to all ages

This is obviously the more “grown-up” version of a Valentine’s Day craft. It’s great for adults and older kids, but probably frustrating for younger audiences. However, it is easy to change up the project to suit all ages! Stickers and finger painting would be a fun addition. I also think it would look really cool if you put on a base layer of paint, then heart stickers and let your kids finger paint over it. Peel off the heart stickers and you have some really cool, unique art!

I look forward to sharing this project with my son in the future because I know his creation may not be quite so neat, but it will be one of a kind and he will have a blast doing it. That also makes this the perfect project if you are stuck inside during this cold weather!

If you use this idea let me know!  Tag me @ginghamandlattes and use #GALmakes on Instagram!

Love Letters Mailbox - a Valentine's Day DIY for all ages! #DIY #crafts #kidscrafts #ValentinesDayCrafts

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