Oliver’s Woodland First Birthday Party

One of the biggest perks of being stationed at Fort Hood is that it means staying near friends and family…and that means we were able to have friends and family over to celebrate Oliver’s birthday!

I had the hardest time deciding on a theme, until I found the cutest woodland creature plates and decorations at Target. (Literally, is there anything Target can’t make easier?!)

A woodland first birthday party theme was born

Seriously though, how perfect are these cupcake picks?? I want to keep the extras and put them in everything!IMG_2478

As much as I love to go overboard, the road trip the previous week reigned me in and we kept the party more simple and less stressful.  An elaborate, over the top, viral-on-Pinterest woodland first birthday party would have been great. But it’s not like Oliver is going to remember it and I was actually able to enjoy the party this way.  And that is worth it’s weight in gold sometimes.

We had a meat and cheese tray, a variety of crackers, and donut hole hedgehogs. A simple but fun woodland first birthday party

These were so fun!IMG_2475

The punch was also super simple and delicious, just a tube of frozen orange juice, two bottles of ginger ale, and orange sherbet. I will definitely be making it again!

A simple but fun woodland first birthday party

The “one” on the wall and the balloons were such fun touches! I found the letters at Hobby Lobby when I was making my fall wreath and just couldn’t resist!

While it was simple, I had a lot of fun with the woodland first birthday theme!

Oliver had so much fun opening his presents and was pretty happy that he was allowed to rip off the wrapping paper…the little dude is a wild man!


Then it was time for cake! More importantly, it was time for the smash cake.  For those in Texas, HEB actually does a free smash cake if you buy a sheet cake! Plus they make great cake so it’s a win win haha. (our smash cake had a little incident on the car ride home, so don’t judge HEB for the appearance hahahaha)


Oliver is in a phase where he wants to use someone else’s finger to do things, so I got the honors of helping to smash the cake.


Then he really went to town


Overall it was a really fun party! I am so glad we were able to have friends and family over to celebrate Oliver!  He’s a ham and enjoyed every moment of being the center of attention too!

Now I am just over here trying to wrap my mind around the fact that he is a year old!

Special thanks to my mother-in-law for making Oliver’s shirt and my mom for taking pictures and helping with setting up!


A simple but fun woodland first birthday party

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